The Veil – Part 8

Hello, my Freaky Darlings,

I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend filled with good coffee and wine (or whatever your beverage of choice is). Did you read anything good?

Anyway … Here’s the next episode of The Veil, but If you missed any of the previous episodes you can catch up here.


Evelyn’s fingers stopped massaging Carol’s neck and slowly travelled down over her shoulder to the collar of her T-shirt. Carol tried to remind herself that the hand didn’t belong to her mother, it was Jack’s hand. It was Jack who was touching her, not her mother. But no matter how often she told herself that, all she saw was her mother’s hand, her mother’s face. All she heard was her mother’s voice.

“You’ve always wanted me to love you,” her mother’s voice said.

“Not like this,” Carol said. “Please not like this.”

Her mother’s hand cupped Carol’s breast and fondled it with a light, seductive touch. It was the way Denise would have touched her, but it held none of the warmth of Denise’s touch. This was cold and cruel.

“Ah yes, Denise,” her mother’s voice said. “We’ll play with her another time.”

The hand stopped fondling her breast and travelled down towards her crotch. Carol jerked the steering wheel to the left. The car bounced as it went over the edge of the tar and onto the dirt. The front left tire burst. Carol fought for control and pulled the wheel to the right. Bringing the car to a sudden stop, she screamed.

“You bloody bastard,” she shouted.

“Oh, name calling,” her mother’s face smirked. “You know what that does to me.” The hands grew more insistent, and the zip of her jeans was pulled down. Carol’s mind buzzed. Squeezing her eye’s shut, she carried on gripping the steering wheel and tried to block out what Jack was doing in the guise of her mother.

Tap. Tap.

It sounded far away

Tap. Tap.

The sound came again. This time it was closer.

“Hey girlie,” a gruff male voice shouted through the closed car window. “You okay?”

Her eyes popped open. Looking over at the passenger side, Jack was gone. Carol burst into tears.

“Hey Girlie, it’s okay. It’s just a burst tire. My boy and I’ll fix it. Okay?” The gruff voice belonged to an old man with a floppy hat pulled low over his brow. He looked like a farmer who’d spent most of his days working the fields.

Turning her head slowly, she nodded and opened the window.

“Thank you so much. You just saved my life.”


So … how are you enjoying it so far?

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