Nobody owes you

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Here follows a wee bit of a rant. Sorry!

There seems to be this sense of entitlement going around in the publishing industry and it pisses me off. I’m here to tell you that nobody owes you a damn thing. Reviewers and book bloggers don’t owe you. Readers don’t owe you. The book buying public doesn’t owe you.

If a reviewer or blogger doesn’t want to read your book, they don’t have to. If they read it and still don’t want to write that review, they don’t have to. If they do it’s because they are being awesome and taking the time out of their busy schedule and are being generous, so be grateful! Don’t be a demanding douchebag, don’t send a nasty message demanding that they write that review. And also – if you want a review, send the reviewer a free review copy. They aren’t going to buy your book and review it for you, especially if you’re going to be a schmuck about it. Sending that review copy is just good manners.

And if people are talking about other writers on Facebook or twitter and aren’t talking about you, don’t burst into the conversation and demand that they talk about you instead, that just makes you look like an ass. Don’t do it! They don’t owe it to you to talk about you and your books. Seriously they don’t.

I also hate to break it to you, but even your own family and friends don’t owe you anything. If they don’t feel like buying your book or sharing that tweet or Facebook post you did about your book, they don’t have to. If they do, it’s because they really want to and because they love you, but they really don’t have to.

Also nobody in the whole wide world owes it to you to buy your book or to tell anybody else to buy it. I know it sucks, but that’s life. And hopping around on social media demanding attention isn’t going to help either. Suck it up cupcake. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

The only person who owes you, is you. You’re the only person who owes it to yourself to pull your finger out of your arse and do that hard grind to get people, like reviewers and the book buying public, interested in your book. Nobody else is going to do it.

You want reviewers to review your book? Ask them nicely. Look at their review policy. Do they review the sort of book you’ve written? They do, great. Send them exactly what they ask for on their review policy page and remember to be polite. You’re asking for a favour, remember. Repeat the process with the next reviewer and the next one and the next one. And before you know it people will be talking about your books. But it’ll only happen if you ask them nicely, because nobody owes you a fucking thing.

So get off your arse and get to work.

Fury: New Review

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

There’s another review for Fury out thanks to Terry Tyler, who feels that Fury is horror at it’s most grisly (reading that of course gives me the warm and fuzzies). She goes on to say: “I don’t think I’ve ever been more keen to point out that a book is not for the faint of heart, and you definitely shouldn’t read it while you’re eating.  If you’re a fan of films like ‘Hostel’ and ‘Saw’, and if you didn’t have to shut your eyes in the more revolting bits of ‘Trainspotting’, you’ll like this.  That is all I will say!”

To read the full review pop on over here:

She gives me a 3.5 star rating which isn’t too bad! I can’t always have 4 or 5 star reviews you know. And lets face it, I’ve had far worse than 3.5 stars.

Every review helps! So if you’ve read Fury or any of my other books, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I’ll give you a big squeeze if you do.


#TuesdayBookBlog Meet #horror Author, Joan De La Haye (@JoanDeLaHaye)

Hello my Freaky Darlings,
There’s a new interview out!

Shelley Wilson

Today, I’m joined by horror author, Joan De La Haye, as we talk about her latest release, Fury, available in eBook and paperback from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Joan De La Haye Author pic 1The Fun Stuff:

What part of the world do you come from?

I live in Pretoria, which is the capital city of South Africa.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a writer, but since that wasn’t a very practical job I also thought about being dentist, a profiler, a psychologist, or a journalist. I ended up studying art and design, but didn’t end up doing any of that.

List three words to describe yourself.

Independent, creative, and neurotic.

Who would play you in a film about your life?

I’m not sure I’d want my life turned into a film. It wouldn’t make for a very good one. The plot would be all over…

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Fury ~ A Supernatural #Horror by @JoanDeLaHaye #TuesdayBookBlog Reviewed for #RBRT

A new, awesome, review of Fury is out!


  • 29754336Author: Joan De La Haye
  • Kindle Edition
  • Category: Supernatural, Horror, Murder
  • four-stars

A young girl is brutally murdered.

Two rival crime bosses fight for dominance on the streets of South Africa’s capital city.

The prologue sets the scene as the mutilated corpse of a young woman rises and sets off on a dark quest for vengeance. While on a night out with friends, Angela meets Andre and is persuaded to go home with him. Only she isn’t going to Andre’s home. Andre is a junkie who will do anything for his next fix and that includes supplying girls for the worst kind of depravity. Angela is tortured viciously and murdered, what’s left of her wrapped in plastic bags and dumped. Angela finds herself in some sort of limbo, dead yet determined to make those responsible pay.

A cold wind brushed her cheek. Her fingertips touched the loose ground, and fumbled in…

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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale 2016

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

The Smashwords Summer/Winter sale kicks off today and I’ll be offering Fury at a 50% discount until the 31st of July.

For more information on Fury checkout my Smashwords profile and also have a look at the promotional catalog for other great deals.

Go on! Go get it. You know you want to.


Book Bloggers – The New Gate Keepers

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Rejection sucks, but it’s unfortunately something we all have to deal with in normal life. It’s something we as writers have to deal with in our personal lives as well as our professional ones. It used to be that you only had to deal with rejection when you submitted a story or novel to an agent or a publisher, but thanks to self-publishing that’s no longer as big a deal as it used to be.

Back in the day if a string of agents or publishers said no then the chances of your writing career being over before it had even begun was a huge possibility. The endless rejection letters were enough to kill off most writers dreams, but now that is no longer the case. Those rejection letters are no longer the death knell to your writing career, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have to deal with rejection that stings.

Now we deal with the rejection from book bloggers, reviewers, readers, and any other form of rejection in publishing can take. Now if you don’t get enough reviews your book will simply languish in obscurity. The only tried and true method of selling books is via word of mouth and reviews and the only way to get that is through book bloggers since most traditional media outlets no longer have a book review section.

Book bloggers have become the gate keepers of the publishing world. There are thousands of book bloggers out there all receiving books from big publishers, small presses, and indie authors in a myriad of genres and sub-genres. In fact they’re inundated with review requests from thousands of authors all over the world and they can’t always keep up with the demand.

There are now so many authors peddling their books that many book reviewers and book bloggers can now simply reject an author’s books without even a second thought. Gone are the days when bloggers were the ones begging authors for a free book to read. Authors are the ones who go cap in hand begging for a review.

Apparently for a book to get any kind of traction you need at least 50 reviews on Amazon. Over the last couple weeks since I released Fury I’ve sent out 50 review requests and still have quite a few more bloggers to contact. Out of those 50, I’ve so far sent 21 of them review copies (many of them may never even be read), of those I’ve received 7 reviews so far, a whole bunch haven’t even bothered to reply to my request, one refused to read an ebook copy (and I can’t afford to send him a paperback copy), two demanded I pay for the review in the form of advertising (needless to say I said thanks but no thanks), and so far 4 of them weren’t even remotely interested. I’m expecting a few more of those ‘I’m not interested’ emails in the not so distant future.

But those 7 reviews have been pretty awesome! Those 7 reviews more than make up for any rejection or lack of interest. All I can do is be grateful for the time those bloggers put into reading and reviewing my book. They took the time out of their hectic schedule to share my book with their audience, which is something they didn’t have to do. They chose to read my book out of millions.

And now, in between working on my new book, I have to tackle yet another list of bloggers and send them a very polite request to get them to read my book, because without them I’m pretty much screwed and my book will die slowly in the bowels of Amazon and every other retail outlet.

So … Thank you book bloggers, I’d starve without you!

SAIR 2016 – Raised 1000 books

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

As some of you may know (or not) I don’t often go out, but when I do I do a proper job. I’m a big believer in the whole go big or stay home thing, and this time I even made the local papers. Luckily not for doing anything like getting drunk and disorderly.

Now please note, I did absolutely nothing to get into a newspaper. All I did was go to a charity event to raise books for under privileged kids, donated a book (okay it was a really nice hard-cover copy of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett), and smiled for a camera. That’s it!

The lady behind the event is Carlyle Labuschagne who founded South African Indie Revolution (aka SAIR).

For a full account on the event read the article in the Roodeport Record.

Here’s the photo that made it into the papers:

SAIR 2016

Not a bad pic of Sonia Killik (author of Birth – Fuck Yeah), Carlyle, and myself.

I will admit that there were moments while I was getting ready to go to the event, that I was thinking I would rather stay at home in my pj’s, but it’s probably a good thing I didn’t. Perhaps I should venture out a tad more often.