The Veil – Part 7

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend filled with adventure, coffee, wine, and great stories. Speaking of stories, here’s the next instalment of The Veil …



Byron’s chest rose up and down. As long as he was breathing, I knew everything would be okay. I couldn’t carry him back to our cabin, but I made sure he was warm enough. I hoped that he would regain consciousness soon or that someone else would be on the same damn hiking trail.

Why did he have to insist on going on the stupid hike? We could have been safe or at least warm, having Jack around meant that nowhere was safe, but instead, we were stuck on a stupid mountain. And I was freezing. I’d put my warm jersey over his chest to help keep his body temperature up, and I tried to keep hypothermia at bay by jumping up and down and jogging on the spot. If he didn’t wake up soon, I’d have to hike back on my own to find help. I hated the idea of leaving him there. Jack could return at any moment.

Time was slipping by, and I was utterly helpless. I hadn’t felt this weak since Jack first came into my life. I’d promised myself that I would never be the damsel in distress ever again and yet here I was waiting for help to arrive. I was mad at both Byron and Jack for putting me in this situation. But then it wasn’t really Byron’s fault. He didn’t know that Jack even existed. I had hoped to could keep it that way. But now my worlds were colliding.

Byron groaned, thank heavens, he was coming around.

“What the hell just happened?” he grumbled.

“I don’t know. One moment you were fine and the next you passed out.”

Trying to sit up, he looked around in confusion.

“My throat’s killing me,” he said as he tried to stand up and my jersey fell to the ground.

“You must be freezing,” Byron said, as he tried to pick it up, but ended up falling back onto his bum.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said, retrieving my jersey and pulling it over my head. It was a welcome reprieve from the cold. “Can you stand?”

“Yes. I’m fine.” Refusing any help, he used one hand to push himself off the ground, while the other held his throat.

“I think we need to get down this mountain. Can you walk?”

He took a couple of tentative steps and looked a little green from the effort.

“Please let me help you?” I asked as I shuffled up close to him, picked up his right arm and draped it around my shoulders and then hooked my arm around his waist. “Now lean on me,” I instructed. “We’ll take it nice and slow. I plan on taking full advantage of the fact that we’re now on the same level,” I said with a grin.

“Thanks, Babe,” his voice was soft and hoarse. “I just don’t understand it. I’ve never passed out before.”

“It was bizarre, but I’m sure you’ll feel better once we get back to the warmth of the cabin.”

“You’re so good to me,” he said as planted a kiss on my forehead.

Fighting off tears of relief mingled with guilt, I led Byron along the trail leading to our cabin. It would take us a while longer than it would usually have taken, but at least we were on our way back, and we were both still breathing.

I kept expecting Jack to come out from behind one of the pine trees to finish what he started. Every branch that cracked made me jump out of my skin. I knew he’d be back to take care of Byron.

I just didn’t know when or how to protect him.


So … how are you enjoying it so far? Is there anything that needs to be explained? Is it complete and utter shit? Would you like me to write something else?

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