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Fury eCover edited

List Price: US$2.99


An angry spirit bent on revenge is on a murder spree.

Two rival crime bosses fight for dominance on the streets of South Africa’s capital city.

And Alice, a university student, is caught in the middle of a bloody battle for survival.

Their fates all intertwine in this tale of vengeance and fury.

“Fury is as haunting as it is addictive. This is the type of book you need to read with the lights on.” – Monique Snyman, Killer Aphrodite Entertainment

“A twisted tale of revenge that will haunt your dreams.” – Paul Simpson, Sci-Fi Bulletin

“Smart, perfectly paced and well executed there is nothing I like better than an old school supernatural revenge thriller, you just can’t beat a REALLY angry ghost.” – The Eloquent Page

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List Price: US$ 2.99


A troubled detective.

A tormented serial killer.

Sundays in Pretoria are dangerous for selected women.

As The Bathroom Strangler’s frenzy escalates and the body count mounts, Nico van Staaden, the lead detective on the case, finds himself confronting his own demons as he struggles to solve the brutal murders.

But how many women will die in this deadly game of cat and mouse?

“This book is outstanding… It’s dark and gritty but in the perfect way that makes you not want to stop reading.” – Nerd Girl

“De La Haye offers up a story of twists and psychological turns that will keep you entertained.” – A Knife and A Quill.

“This is not just a thriller by genre, it will keep you reading in to the small hours of the night.” – Tony’s Thoughts

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shadows new 2

List Price: US$2.99buy-now-button-3

What would you do if you thought you were losing your mind?

What would you do if all those nightmares you thought were in your mind, were real?

Out of the shadows comes a nightmare feeding on fear.

Out of the shadows comes a demon bent on torment and death.

Could you survive a demon bent on driving you to suicide?

“If you’re open to reading a book that is genuinely disturbing, in some cases distasteful, and creepy as hell, then I’m pretty sure you’ll ‘enjoy’ Shadows.” – Dave de Burgh, author of Betrayal’s Shadow

“Dark, twisted and creepy, Shadows will take you out of your comfort zone and keep you glued to the pages of the book, regardless of whether or not you want to.” – Tammy February,

“Frankly, the psychological horror that is found in Shadows will make any person feel ill at ease, which means I loved it.” – Monique Snyman, Tentacle Books

“If you like your horror as warped as it gets, you’ll love this genuinely scary page-turner. I’m looking forward to reading what she does next – although I suspect I’ll be reaching for the sominex afterwards.” – Something Wicked

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The Race Series


List Price: US$0.99buy-now-button-3

Joanna Parypinski is drugged, kidnapped, and forced to fight for survival, for the entertainment of the world’s rich and depraved, as well as the chance to win her weight in gold.

In the race for her life, glory, and gold, Joanna must kill or be killed.

“A cool, clever little story with more depth than you originally give it credit for. Superb pacing (fast and furious) and a great action packed romp, peppered with delightful f-bombs!”- Melissa Delport, author of Rainfall.

“A great, action-packed read that’s part “The Hunger Games” and part “Gladiator”.
The Race may be a quick read, but it packs a mighty punch. Loved it!” – Monique Snyman, author of Muti Nation.

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Training Days cover

Coming Soon

After winning The Race, Joanna Parypinski’s journey takes her from a castle in Germany to the wilds of Siberia, plunging her ever deeper into a world of political games and deadly intrigue.

Once again she must fight to survive, but how can she be victorious against an opponent she didn’t see coming?




List Price: US$0.99buy-now-button-3

From the author of psychological horror Shadows, taut murder mystery Requiem in E Sharp and the post-apocalyptic Oasis, Burning is a fiery tale of magic and dark desire. Marcie Grove is a lonely witch. After a full moon ritual she decides to do something about the abysmal state of her love life. Making use of a powerful spell to cure her sad state of affairs, she puts her own life, as well as her coven, in danger when her apparent success brings forth a dark power with explosive and deadly results.

“Verdict: A horror story that uses its eroticism to chilling effect. 8/10” – Sci-Fi Bulletin

“Worth every minute and great for a commute, lunch break or time for yourself.” – Horror Blog.

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Oasis new cover 2

List Price: US$0.99buy-now-button-3

The planet has been fried by solar flares turning it into a desert. The surviving population has been effected by solar radiation, turning them into Zombies. Only a handful of people remain unaffected. A family of civilians, guided by a crack army unit who has seen more action than they can handle, must make their way to the safety of a UN base at the South Pole called New Atlantis. But can they make it to this oasis alive or will they only reach it as the undead?

“Oasis treads classic Romero-esque ground and has a suitably downbeat ending that I really enjoyed. I have to admit I do enjoy my zombie stories to be grimmer than grim and I’m glad to say this novella delivers on that score.” – The Eloquent Page.

“OASIS is sharp, brutal, spiced with humor, and a great addition to the ever-growing sub-genre of Zombie Apocalypse tales. It stands on its own and yet again showcases Joan’s great talents with words and storytelling. If you’re looking for a quick read that’ll give you thrills, terror and zombies…” – Dave de Burgh

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Sliced and Diced

List Price: Free

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A collection of 17 dark and twisted tales that will entertain, scare, shock, and disturb you.

Stories include a serial killer on the hunt for his next trophy, ghosts on a murderous reunion tour, a jealous girlfriend killing her boyfriend’s beloved pet, a ghost bride, and a demon tormenting a nun.

Author Joan De La Haye presents an assortment of narratives; some have been previously published in acclaimed anthologies, while others have never seen the light of day. All are sure to provide thrills and chills but are best read with the lights on.


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