The Veil – Part 9

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

I hope you all had an action-packed weekend filled with adventure, great stories, friends and loved ones.

I also hope that you’ve been enjoying each of the episodes of The Veil that have been published thus far. Speaking of, here’s the next one…


Michael loathed the Sandton traffic. It didn’t matter what time of day, the roads were always jam-packed with hawkers trying to push their wares through your car window or someone throwing dirty water on your windscreen at the traffic lights and then offering to clean it for a few Rand. Then there were the potential high-jackers lurking, waiting for you to drop your guard. And then there were the other drivers with their overpriced luxury cars. He couldn’t wait to get out of the city.

His walk and talk was plugged into his cell, and the earpiece was hooked into his ear. He refused to use Bluetooth. A friend of his had ended up with a virus on his phone thanks to using that bit of cellphone technology.

Mark’s phone rang a few times.

“Hello Honey,” Mark’s voice was breathless.

“Hey.” His own voice sounded small and guilty.

“What’s wrong?” Mark was immediately alert and attentive.

“There’s an emergency with a patient, and I won’t be home for dinner.” The words tumbled out.

“It’s our anniversary. What am I supposed to tell our guests?”

“That I’m terribly sorry, but I had an emergency. They’ll understand.”

“Well, I’m not sure I do. Is this a suicide or something?”

“It’s Sarah. She’s in trouble.”

“Ohmigod. Is she okay?”

“I don’t know yet. I’m on my way up to her now.”

“You mean you’re driving all the way there. Are you out of your mind?”

“I have to.”

“You really need to stop blaming yourself for what happened, she doesn’t blame you.”

“I know, but I think she’s in danger from another patient and …” He couldn’t finish the thought.

“If something happens to her, you’ll never forgive yourself.”


“Okay. I’ll let everybody know that we’ll be moving the party to tomorrow night.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. The food will keep. Just drive carefully.”

“I will. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Mozart trickled through his sound system, helping him relax. It was a long drive, and there wasn’t much he could do until he got there. Crystal Springs was a picturesque resort nestled in the Mountains close to Pilgrims Rest, an old mining town. He’d been jealous when Sarah told him Byron had surprised her with a romantic getaway. He and Mark had always wanted to go, but now that Sarah was in danger it didn’t matter how beautiful the scenery, the situation could get hairy if he wasn’t careful. Carol was dangerous, and he suspected that she’d had something to do with her Uncle’s apparent suicide. Murder was not something Carol would shy away from. He forced all thoughts of what he was getting himself into out of his mind. He would deal with it when he got there. He kept his focus on the road ahead.


So what do you think of The Veil so far? Are you enjoying it? Is it creeping you out at all? Do you hate it?

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