Hello my Freaky Darlings,

I’m all a flutter. My first interview with a South African print journalist came out this morning in The Citizen.

I rushed out first thing this morning to buy a copy from the shop up the road. Okay, I bought two copies. One to cut up and paste in a scrap book and the other is to show off to everybody. Hey, it’s not every day that I find myself on the front page of the Citi Vibe or any Newspaper. So today is a pretty huge occurrence for me.

The interview with Bruce Dennill from The Citizen took place about three weeks ago and I’ve been driving my poor publicist, Claire Jackson, insane by constantly asking her when it was coming out. She finally let me know last night that it was coming out today. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep last night. I was simply too excited and nervous. And now that I have the article in front of me … well … I’ve read it about 6 times and can’t stop giggling. I hope that in years to come I don’t ever lose this excitement about interviews and articles coming out about me. That would be sad!

Tomorrow, I’m over at Un:Bound giving you a sneak peek at my bookcase and the books that are currently next to my bed. I’m also pretty excited about it.

Have an awesome day, I know I will!

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