Shadows up date

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Shadows is now officially available as a Tree Book and not just as an ebook. And while I still believe that ebooks are the way of the future and are still my favourite format, I realise that there are more people on the planet who want a normal tree book than there are those who want an ebook. So I’ve buckled under the pressure. Sad, I know!

Shadows is now selling on Amazon as well as on Pulp Books here in South Africa. What also surprised me was how quickly I got  a sales ranking on Amazon. Within a few hours of having put the word out about Shadows being in print there were already a whole bunch of sales. So Thank you to those of you who have already rushed out to buy a copy. I really do appreciate your support!

I haven’t forgotten about the ebooks either. Shadows will also be available through Kobo in the next week or so.

Have an awesome day!

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