Writing The Race: Training Days update

Hello my Freaky Darlings, Over the last few months I've been struggling with the plot for The Race: Training Days. For those of you who haven't read The Race, Training Days is the second instalment of what I hope is going to be a pretty long series of novelettes. Anyway ... The night before last I … Continue reading Writing The Race: Training Days update

Blog tour: Guest post on Inspiration

Hello my Freaky Darlings, As part of my current blog tour I stopped off at David Chislett's blog to talk about creativity and inspiration. To read what I had to say pop on over here. There's only two days left to enter the giveaway so pop on over to the Silver Dagger Scriptorium to enter. … Continue reading Blog tour: Guest post on Inspiration

The post-publication blues

Hello my Freaky Darlings, I think the post-publication blues is something that all writers go through. It hits about a week or so after the book lands on the virtual or actual store shelves. It creeps up on you once the publication high starts to dwindle and you start to obsessively check your sales numbers … Continue reading The post-publication blues