I’m So Excited!

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Shadows in Print

Shadows in Print

There’s so much happening at the moment. I got the print proof copy for Shadows. It arrived while I was in Brighton for the World Horror Convention and I only got to see it over this Easter weekend. I can’t stop touching it. I have to keep reassuring myself that it is in fact real! It’s one of those dream come true moments. You know the kind of dream I’m talking about, right? The kind of dream that you don’t really think will ever come to pass, the kind of dream that everybody tells you will never happen, but you still hold onto that dream.You still keep breathing life and hope into it. And now my dream is finally happening!

Shadows has been available as an ebook for a year, it’s gotten some incredible reviews from horror sites like Fatally Yours, Horror Bound, and Pretty Scary. And now it will soon be available in print from places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and pretty much all the stores that Lightning Source and Ingram’s supply.

Over the next few days I’ll also be interviewed by Radio Today, along with Caroline Addenbrooke, about Rebel e Publishers and on Wednesday I’m being interviewed by The Citizen, a local Newspaper, all about being a Horror Writer in South Africa. So, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m incredibly excited!

Shadows on the shelf

Shadows sharing shelf space with Deaver, De Mille, and Dickens

Have an awesome day! I know I will.

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