Suicide Prevention Week

Since suicide is a prevalent theme in Shadows I thought I’d let you know about this initiative.

Suicide Prevention week runs from the 21st to the 28th of February here in South Africa.

According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Support Group, in South Africa 9% of all teen deaths are caused by suicide. The fastest growing age is young people under 35, specifically female suicides which peak between 15 to 19 years!

For more info check out the SADASG website.

3 thoughts on “Suicide Prevention Week

  1. 9% sounds very high. Hopefully the cause will be identified and corrected soon.

    I read an article recently that stated in parts of India, it was thought that many young people ingested parts of the suicide tree to escape this world. Further analysis revealed that an unlikely percentage of those deaths were young brides. Now suspicion is that families have found a way to rid themselves of brides who don’t work out well. Seems the plant can be included in food and is virtually undetectible by the food consumer. Either way (suicide or murder) it sounds like becoming a young bride can be very unhealthy.

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