Suicide Prevention Week

Since suicide is a prevalent theme in Shadows I thought I'd let you know about this initiative. Suicide Prevention week runs from the 21st to the 28th of February here in South Africa. According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Support Group, in South Africa 9% of all teen deaths are caused by suicide. … Continue reading Suicide Prevention Week

Electroshock Therapy – Part 2

On the 1oth of January I discussed the basics of what a legal ECT is all about. Today I'm going to go into a little of the history. Electro convulsive Therapy (ECT) was one of 4 radical therapies introduced in the 1930's. The other therapies were lobotomy, insulin coma therapy, and Metrazol convulsive therapy. Electroshock … Continue reading Electroshock Therapy – Part 2

Electroshock Therapy

Today is Psycho Saturday. Over the next few weeks I'll go into the various psychological issues in Shadows.  Since Sarah experiences an illegal form of ECT, I thought I'd go into what ECT is supposed to be about. The definition of Electroshock or Electroconvulsive therapy is a treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, catatonia, and some … Continue reading Electroshock Therapy