Just catching up

Hello Folks,

It’s been an interesting week. Had my first yoga class and thoroughly enjoyed it. The next day was a little painful, but well worth it. I got a matt and the suitable wardrobe today, so I’m all set for my next class on Friday.

I finally got to watch Cloverfield this week. Brilliant movie. I would however not recommend that you watch it if you suffer from motion sickness. My father in-law would never be able to watch it, which is a great pity.  Those little critters are just freaky. I also went to see ‘Burn After Reading.’  Brad Pitt is so goofy in this, it’s a must see just to see him do a funny dance. It’s wickedly twisted.

On the book front – I actually did manage to finish chapter 5 this week and am now on chapter 6. The reason I’ve given myself a week for each chapter is so that I can get the first draft done relatively quickly and have time for re-writes and edits. It also forces me to write every day.

Have you watched any good movies lately?

2 thoughts on “Just catching up

  1. Well, I saw Hotel for Dogs just a couple of days ago. Not exactly of my own free will. But it was cute, in its own way (and if you love dogs there’s a high “awwww” factor in this movie).


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