Guest Post: Alistair Cross

Hello my Freaky Darlings, Today, Alistair Cross has hi-jacked my blog. Here's a little info on the fiend who dared trespass here. Alistair Cross' debut novel, The Crimson Corset, a vampiric tale of terror and seduction, was an immediate bestseller earning praise from veteran vampire-lit author, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and New York Times bestseller, Jay … Continue reading Guest Post: Alistair Cross

The post-publication blues

Hello my Freaky Darlings, I think the post-publication blues is something that all writers go through. It hits about a week or so after the book lands on the virtual or actual store shelves. It creeps up on you once the publication high starts to dwindle and you start to obsessively check your sales numbers … Continue reading The post-publication blues

13 Questions with Mercedes M. Yardley

Hello my Freaky Darlings, Today we have Mercedes M. Yardley in the interrogation seat. Mercedes M. Yardley is a dark fantasist who wears red lipstick and poisonous flowers in her hair.  She was a contributing editor for Shock Totem Magazine and currently works with Gamut, a new neo-noir magazine. Mercedes is the author of many … Continue reading 13 Questions with Mercedes M. Yardley

13 Questions with Kevin Lucia

Hello my Freaky Darlings, Today I have Kevin Lucia in the interrogations seat. Kevin Lucia is the Reviews Editor for Cemetery Dance Magazine and his column Horror 101 is featured quarterly in Lamplight Magazine. His short fiction has appeared in several anthologies, most recently with Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Peter Straub and Ramsey Campbell. He’s currently finishing his Creative Writing Masters … Continue reading 13 Questions with Kevin Lucia