Leave your ego at the door

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with exciting adventures and fabulous reads.

Last week I told you about my writing process, this week I’m talking about the advice I wish I’d been given when I first started in the writing and publishing industry. It would have saved me quite a bit of embarrassment.

If you’re an author, what bit of advice do you wish someone had given you when you first started?

What I’m reading…

Do you remember a while ago I mentioned that I’d signed up for all those newsletters while I was doing my research into what other authors are doing with their newsletters and blog subscriptions so that I could figure out what I was going to do? No? Oh! Okay … well anyway … I now have all these free books by indie authors on my kindle app, plus a few more that I’ve actually bought to support indie authors that I know and deserve to be supported. So … this year I’m going to focus on reading books by indie authors and then I’m going to tell you which books I’m busy reading. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be writing reviews. Writing proper reviews is an art and it’s an art I suck at and I’m also way too lazy. I’m just going to let you know what I’m reading and if I enjoyed it or not when I’m done. Nothing too involved. Okay?

The CleanerI’ve just finished reading The Cleaner by Mark Dawson. I got it for free when I signed up for his newsletter, but you can also get it on Amazon for $0.99. It wasn’t a bad read. It was a little sluggish to begin with, but it got better. I did have a few issues with it but on the whole I enjoyed it and I think if you like Ian Fleming’s books (which by the way are very different to the James Bond movies) you’ll enjoy The Cleaner.

The Fallen's CrimeAt the moment I’m busy reading The Fallen’s Crime by Izzy Shows. Once again I got it for free when I signed up for her newsletter, but it is also available from Amazon for $2.99. I’m about half way through it and so far it’s cute. Nothing earth shattering, but it’s not a bad read.

So … that’s the what I’m reading segment done and dusted. What do you think? Is it a keeper or is it something I should toss? Let me know.

Gratuitous cat pic

Saturday afternoon nap

Mogwai and I had a nap on Saturday afternoon. Isn’t she adorable?

Well … That’s it for this week. Until next time …


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