Urban Legends, Monsters and Madness 

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

Personal Shit

I’ve been having a great time playing around with Google’s AI narrator, and the audio version of Requiem in E Sharp is almost ready to go. I’m actually quite excited about it. Once Requiem is done, I plan on releasing all three of the Sliced and Diced books as audiobooks. So watch this space for those announcements.

I can’t wait for them all to be done. I sometimes wish I could fast forward through all the work, but then I realise I’d miss out on the whole journey, and that’s part of the fun of being a writer. I just need to work on being patient with myself and the process. All good things take time.

Weird Shit

In this week’s episode, I’m mentally, spiritually, or whatever non-physical form of travel you want to call it, in Japan and exploring the urban legend of the Teke-Teke.

If you don’t hear from me next week, it means I didn’t survive a visit from the Teke-Teke and that you should prepare for your own visit from her. Sorry!

Shit to read

This week I’ve got some monsters, thrillers, and dystopian futures for your reading pleasure. Choose your thrills and chills.

Gratuitous Cat Pic

She's watching me!

Well … that’s it for now. Until next time …

Happy reading, and thank you for being a Freaky Darling!

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