The Veil – Part 5

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Without any further preamble here’s the fifth bit for your reading pleasure.


Carol was getting closer. Another hour and she’d be knocking on Sarah’s cabin door. It had been so easy getting the information from Sarah’s gullible mother. Just a simple sob story and the old bag had given her the details of Sarah’s romantic little getaway.

“Where exactly do you think you’re going?” Jack’s voice hissed from the passenger seat.

“Why do you insist on asking a question when you already know the answer?” Carol refused to look at him. She focused on the pockmarked road in front of her. If she looked at him, he’d turn into someone or something vile. He always did that to her when she was driving. A few weeks before, he’d taken on the form of Uncle Martin and tried to convince her to plunge her Honda off an overpass onto the N1 South. She came very close to doing it. The thought of how many other people she would have taken with her and the chaos it would have caused on the highway had made it an exciting idea. Going out in a blaze. But what if she’d survived? It was that thought that had prevented her from plummeting off the bridge.

“I know I’ve been a touch preoccupied lately and I’m sorry if you’re feeling neglected. I’ll try harder to give you my undivided attention.” The sarcasm dripped with his every word. The warning was loud and clear. She was heading into dangerous territory, but she’d come this far. She couldn’t turn back.

“Carol, turn this car around before I get really annoyed with you,” Jack hissed. “And the ignoring thing you’re doing doesn’t work. Trust me. Smarter people than you have tried that and failed.”

She tightened her grip on the steering wheel.

“Fine. We’ll play it that way then.” Jack’s voice changed into that of her mother’s. “You’re so tense.” Fingers rubbed the back of her neck. It was a strange sensation. She knew the fingers belonged to Jack, but they felt exactly like her mother’s. They were rough and callused, just like her mother’s, whereas Jack’s fingers were smooth, snake-like and creepy. An unwelcome shiver ran up her spine. Taking a furtive glance towards the passenger seat, her breath caught. She regretted it the moment she looked. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. She knew better. Jack was the exact image of her mother. He had her down perfectly, from the clothes she wore to the reproachful look in her eye. Her fingers kept massaging Carol’s neck in slow circles. That was the only thing Jack got wrong. Her mother would never massage her stiff neck.

“I know that, sweetie. I also know your one true wish is for your mother to love you and today your wish comes true.” His voice was honey laced with acid.


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