KDP Select vs Going Wide

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Last week I went into my research process, this week I’m going into a decision that every indie author has to make – KDP Select or going wide…


Another nice thing about being wide and using Draft2Digital is that they’re always trying to up their game and make it easier for authors to compete so they’ve now got these rather pretty author pages. You can have a look at mine here:  https://books2read.com/ap/8P0vW8/Joan-De-La-Haye

It’s pretty, right?

Here are some other articles on the pros and cons of KDP Select if you’re interested in other peoples opinions and not just mine.

Just Publishing Advice

The Creative Penn

There are so many varying view points on the topic, but as I said it’s something every author has to decide for themselves.

So … what are your thoughts on KDP Select or Going Wide?

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Well … That’s it for this week. Until next time …


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2 thoughts on “KDP Select vs Going Wide

  1. When you’re just starting out as an indie, you’re at the bottom of a steep learning curve for everything that you do – writing, publishing, marketing. One really good thing about starting out in Select is that you can limit the amount of stuff you have to learn to just Amazon. Worried about how to format for Kobo and Smashword? Don’t. Just worry about Amazon.

    Later, when you’ve mastered some of the other things that are on your plate and have time to learn about the other vendors, go wide.

  2. Luckily, thanks to Draft2Digital, it’s now much easier to get onto all the other platforms and there isn’t a steep learning curve where formatting etc is concerned. D2D does it all for you.

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