Retribution is OUT!

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Retribution, the 4th book in The Race series, is OUT!!!

The Race 4- Retribution

After surviving the wilds of Siberia and a fight to the death with Snezhana, Joanna is back running for her life on the island where it all began.

Will she be able to survive the wholesale slaughter of The Race, the machinations of The Organisation behind it all, as well as Elena’s thirst for revenge?

You can get your copy at your favourite ebook store for $0.99.

Here’s a short extract to wet your whistle on …

At least this time around they hadn’t drugged me. I walked onto the ship with my own two legs, although in some ways I wish they had knocked me out first. The other Runners stared at me as I strolled up the gangplank, trying to look as though I didn’t give two shits that they all wanted my head. My heart, on the other hand, betrayed my fear by trying to beat its own retreat.

Cowardly little fucker.

Von Zimmer, Olga, and Doctor Mannheim would meet me on the Island. The lucky shits got to fly there while I had to be caged up with the rest of the animals and the fresh meat in the hull of the old rust-bucket. It was the same ship I’d sailed on to the Island the first time around. A lifetime ago.

The Novices were already in their cells, unconscious, when we—The Runners—were forced into our cells like cattle and locked up for the journey to the Island. My stomach still didn’t enjoy being on the ocean. I kept swallowing my puke down to avoid throwing up all over one of the Runners sharing the cell with me. I couldn’t afford to show weakness. I also wasn’t sure if being sick all over a hyped-up Runner would spark a fight or not and I really didn’t want to have to defend myself until I absolutely had to.

Sunil was also somewhere on the ship, which was also a bit on the odd side. He normally didn’t leave Von Zimmer’s side, but I liked to think that he wanted to be close to me. You know—just in case. The problem was I didn’t know where he was on the ship. Plus it didn’t really matter how close he was, if one of the Runners decided to bash my head against the metal bars until my skull caved in there would be nothing he could do about it, and Mannheim wouldn’t be able to bring me back. I was on my own.

And remember, you can get your copy wherever ebooks are sold.

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