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After the Reader Survey Results it was decided that I would be in touch once a week and that I would combine the weekly YouTube videos, and any announcements, and some personal shit, and make it into one long post for you guys to consume in whichever way you want.

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Besieged is out!

The Race 3 - Besieged

Joanna has survived the wilds of Siberia only to find herself under attack from all sides as well as from within the safety of her Patron’s inner sanctum.

With a war brewing and attempted assassinations, will she be able to save herself and those closest to her? Most importantly, will she be able to keep her head in a fight to the death with no rules?

Here’s a short snippet from Besieged just to wet your appetite…

Sunil hit the floor with a satisfying thump. After weeks of being pummelled I’d finally put him on his back. You’d never have said I’d had a liver transplant a month ago. My scars from the incident in Siberia were completely healed. Well, the physical ones were, but the mental and emotional ones … not so much.

Von Zimmer had hired a therapist to help me deal with my new life and my role as a Runner. Thus far, I’d managed to avoid seeing the shrink, much to his disappointment. I’ve never been good at talking about or facing my feelings. I’m the bottle-things-up-till-they-explode sort of person. For me the best therapy was throwing Sunil around the training room or kicking the punching bag until it broke. Watching that thing burst after you’ve kicked it hard enough is really satisfying. I kept imagining it was either Elena or Snezhana. I really enjoyed picturing myself kicking them till their guts were on the outside and their heads were completely smashed in so there would be no chance for their doctors to reanimate them. It was the closest thing to revenge I’d been able to get.

I’d been cooped up in the castle for too long and cabin fever was taking hold. Don’t even get me started on my feelings of ineptitude. If I couldn’t beat the crap out of Sunil properly, how was I going to take my revenge on Elena and Snezhana? How was I going to kill them?

I know the old cliché saying about revenge being a dish best served cold but patience has never been my thing. I wanted hot bloody vengeance. I wanted out of the confines of the fortress. The sooner I took them out, the sooner I could get back to my own life—if there was even anything of my old life left to get back to.

Conflicting emotions ran through me on a daily basis. One moment I wanted to run back home, back to my dirty little flat in Johannesburg. The next, all I wanted to do was rip the heads off the people who’d started this, or curl up in a ball and cry my fucking eyes out, or shag anything that moved. Then there were my decidedly complicated feelings towards my Patron. I wanted to help him fight his war. I also knew that if I helped him and if we could somehow beat Victoria and Kuznetsov, then maybe I could get on with my life. Maybe I could go home. Maybe I wouldn’t have to run any more races. Did I really want to leave the cushy life in the castle? Did I really never want to see Sunil and everyone I’d grown fond of?

Then there was all that gold. To get it I’d have to run in the Races, and fuck alone knew when the next Race would be.

What can I say? I was a fucking confused mess.

Don’t judge me.


You can grab a copy of Besieged for $0.99 at your favourite ebook store.

Radio Interview

Guess who is being interviewed on Hellenic Radio on Saturday morning at 8:30am (GMT+2) and guess who is going to need a lot of coffee that early in the morning!! You can tune in on AM, or online if you want to listen to it live. If you miss the live broadcast, the podcast will be available on Artsvark a bit later.
Can I get a whoop whoop?!

Here’s hoping I don’t make a complete arse out of myself.

December 2017 Book Sales Figures

And here is the YouTube video component of this weeks post…


Here is the obligatory cat pic…


This is Mogwai, aka Princess of Mischief, curled up on her throne waiting for me to finish writing so she can have some more attention. And yes, I really did name my cat after that adorable little critter in Gremlins.


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