Back in Business

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

It’s been quite a busy week since I got my rights back for Shadows, Requiem in E Sharp, Oasis, and Burning. In that week I’ve managed to design new covers for Shadows, Oasis, and Burning, I’ve fixed a few typos, reformatted all four of them, and loaded them all up on Amazon KDP and Draft2Digital. They are now all once again available to download. Burning even made it to number 5 on the erotic horror section on on Friday, which was a rather pleasant surprise, even if it didn’t stay up there for very long, it was still pretty fucking fantastic.

Thanks to Draft2Digital I also now have universal buy links for all the books so you can simply click on the links and decide which of the stores you want to buy from. My books are now available from pretty much every online bookstore. I think it’s pretty awesome.

Have a look for yourself by clicking on the below links:


Requiem in E Sharp




Next week I’ll be revealing the cover for my new novelette – The Race!

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