Warning! Contains Violence, Strong Language, and Sex

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Some of you who have read any of my books will already know this, but some of you who have not may be surprised by my books – they contain violence, very strong language, and sex. Sometimes the sex is violent and not consensual.

I don’t pretend to write nice, safe, literary books. My books will make you uncomfortable. I will go out of my way to shove you out of your comfort zone. Some of you will not enjoy this. I won’t hold it against you. My books just aren’t your cup of tea or coffee and that’s okay.

The one thing I do promise for those of you who don’t like being in a comfort zone – my books will keep you entertained from start to finish. You will start the book thinking it’s one thing and end up being surprised that it’s actually not that at all. Some of you will not like this. I’m sorry! Not really.

I can promise my books won’t be romantic, the little romance that there is will be twisted, and there won’t be your usual happy ending. I know some of you prefer a happy ending where justice prevails … well … in my world justice isn’t always the kind of justice you were looking for. Sometimes justice gets perverted. Sometimes the bad guy gets the girl. Again, I’m sorry! Actually, no I’m not.

My characters are not all good or all bad. They are deeply flawed. You will probably dislike most of them, even the hero or heroine of the story will not be completely likeable. But most people you meet are not all good or all bad, it’s what makes people so interesting.

There isn’t always a reason why people do the things they do. Nothing is ever black or white and it’s those deeper tones of grey that I like to delve into. What can I say? I’m fascinated by the horribleĀ things people do to each other.

So … if you like to push the boundaries, if you don’t like things vanilla, and you like surprises then I suggest you try one of my books. Once you take a trip through the pages of my rather twisted brain, please let me know what you thought of the journey, especially if you enjoyed it.


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