Guest Post: Authors Magazine

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Today I have a little information for you all about Authors Magazine, thanks to Melissa Delport.


Authors Magazine is a premier online magazine for both readers and writers. Our aim is to bring these two groups together, to encourage reading and to provide a platform where readers and writers can “hang out”.

 We’re about interesting conversations with authors from all over the world, including those in our own backyard. We’re after the story behind the story, the power and joy of books, the creative people who write them, and the millions who enjoy them. At Authors Magazine we believe that authors should be celebrated, and readers applauded.

 The magazine has just celebrated its first anniversary. Our first year focused on quality – producing a magazine with valuable content that would appeal to our target market. Now, moving into the second year of operation, the focus has shifted to growth. We want to bring Authors Magazine to the world. Digital content is readily available globally, which is why we have opted for a online platform.

 The key to our success lies in the people behind the magazine. Founded by entrepreneurial power-couple, Lesiba and Hajo Morallane, who are the “brains” behind this initiative, the Authors Magazine team consists of contributors who are successful authors in their own right, and avid readers to boot! We understand our audience, because we fall into this demographic. The magazine is content-based, and provides valuable resources for authors, both established and aspiring. We spotlight authors of all genres, catering to a wide-range of readers, and we recommend good books to great people.


You can check out my profile in the October issue of Authors Magazine.

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