13 Questions with Nerine Dorman

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Today we have fellow South African author, Nerine Dorman, answering 13 Questions.

Nerine Author PicAn editor and multi-published author, Nerine Dorman currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa, with her visual artist husband. Some of the publishers with whom she works include Dark Continents Publishing and eKhaya (an imprint of Random House Struik). She has been involved in the media industry for more than a decade, with a background in magazine and newspaper publishing, commercial fiction, and print production management within a below-the-line marketing environment. Her book reviews, as well as travel, entertainment and lifestyle editorial regularly appear in national newspapers. A few of her interests include music travel, history (with emphasis on Egypt), psychology, philosophy, magic and the natural world.

1. What drives you to write?

My imagination is constantly coming up with new scenarios, so I’m forced to write them and create stories—kinda like exorcism. Sometimes these are dreams. Other times pure musings I have while out and about or reading other stories.

2. What attracted you to writing horror?

I don’t see myself as being tied particularly to one genre. I’ve written erotic romance, fantasy and SF. Most of my stories tend to have a dark spin, so it totally depends on what mood I’m in or what the purpose of the story is. I recently wrote and submitted something specifically for a horror call for submissions, so yes… I went horror all the way.

3. Who are your favourite horror writers?

Clive Barker, Stephen King, vintage Poppy Z Brite (we’re talking Exquisite Corpse here).

4. Which horror novels do you think every horror fan should read?

Pet Sematary

5. Ebooks or paperback?

Although I love having copies of my favourite novels in dead tree version, I must admit I’ve really taken to the ebook format,Camdeboo Nights especially on my new phone (which is really a small tablet). I love the fact that I can read in the dark and that I can instantly download and access the books I want to read. Even better, I don’t have to feel guilty about purchasing books I know I’ll only ever read once then worry about where I’m going to keep them afterward.

6. What would make you pick up a novel by a new author?

The cover art in many cases. I often browse bookshops then see something I like and go purchase it online. In other cases I choose books that are recommended to me by friends who know my tastes well. Also, Goodreads has offered me a lot of good suggestions. I look forward to receiving that daily update of what my Goodreads friends have read. Often I add books from that pile. Sometimes my best finds happen at secondhand bookstores. Lots of surprise additions to my bookshelf there. It’s like looking for semi-precious gems at a scratch patch.

7. Who is your favourite fictional character?

This is difficult. One of my all-time favourites is Nothing from Poppy Z Brite’s Lost Souls. But I admit to loving Carrie Clevenger’s Xan Marcelles from her Crooked Fang universe as much. Storm Constantine’s Wraetthu mythos provides me with a bunch of characters I love dearly.

8. Do you plot your stories or does it just unfold before your eyes?

A bit of both. I sketch a basic outline then sit down and allow the story to unfold in my mind’s eye like being in my favourite films.

9. Do your characters take on a life of their own and do things you didn’t plan?

INKARNAOh, often. While I’ll have a good idea of what they’re about, they often do stuff I don’t expect, or slide in bits of dialogue or do something not quite planned for yet is very much in character.

10. Do you listen to music when you write or do you need silence?

Each novel has a soundtrack. Very much so. The music I listen to reflects my state of mind at the time. Sometimes this is world music. Other times it’s doom … or good, old-fashioned gothic rock or metal.

11. Do you do a lot of research for your stories?

It depends totally on what the novel calls for. I’m often fact-checking, especially when I need to be accurate about events that happened in the past. Google is my friend and I can ask him absolutely everything and get some super questions. Sometimes I’ll bug friends who know things about guns or medical stuff. I have a lot of very interesting friends. I once interviewed a bunch of strippers for one of my stories, then spent some time in a real dive of a strip club. Very… entertaining.

12. Facebook or Twitter?

I’m a social media critter. Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram… Yes, I’m a sad little bunny, but I do find a lot of material there that I can use.

13. What really pisses you off about writing?

Not having enough time. I have to eat, and I do freelance work as well. But I find the best time for writing are the moments that I snatch between other deadlines.

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  1. Thanks for having me over, Joan! You’re not the only one to admit almost missing a train stop thanks to my stories. I seem to have that effect on people.

  2. I enjoyed reading this interview. Nerine has varied interests and isn’t afraid to dive into many fascinating things. I think her choice of Horror novel every fan should read surprised me the most. Best of luck to her in all that she does! 🙂

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