Afro SF Anthology

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

My short story, The Trial, has made it into a ground-breaking anthology. Afro SF is the first anthology of Science Fiction written by authors on the African continent. Genre fiction is finally making headway in Africa and I’m rather proud to be a part of this. So … here’s the cover and the line-up.

‘Moom!’ Nnedi Okorafor, ‘Home Affairs’ Sarah Lotz, ‘Five Sets of Hands’ Cristy Zinn, ‘New Mzansi’ Ashley Jacobs, ‘Azania’ Nick Wood, ‘Notes from Gethsemane’ Tade Thompson, ‘Planet X’ S.A. Partridge, ‘The Gift of Touch’ Chinelo Onwualu, ‘The Foreigner’ Uko Bendi Udo, ‘Angel Song’ Dave-Brendon Burgh, ‘The Rare Earth’ Biram Mboob, ‘Terms & Conditions Apply’ Sally-Ann Murray, ‘Heresy’ Mandisi Nkomo, ‘Closing Time’ Liam Kruger, ‘Masquerade Stories’ Chiagozie Fred Nwonwu, ‘The Trial’ Joan De La Haye, ‘Brandy City’ Mia Arderne, ‘Ofe!’ Rafeeat Aliyu, ‘Claws and Savages’ Martin Stokes, ‘To Gaze at the Sun’ Clifton Gachagua, ‘Proposition 23’ (Novelette) Efe Okogu.

Afro SF will be available to download in December!


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