The Race is out!

Hello my Freaky Darlings, My experiment with Sci-Fi, The Race, is now available from all your favourite stores for $0.99! It's already getting some pretty good reviews: “A cool, clever little story with more depth than you originally give it credit for. Superb pacing (fast and furious) and a great action packed romp, peppered with delightful f-bombs!”- … Continue reading The Race is out!

African Speculative Fiction Society is launched

Hello my Freaky Darlings, I'm very excited to announce that the African Speculative Fiction Society has been launched! Here's the official press release. African Speculative Fiction Society PRESS RELEASE AUGUST 2016 ANNOUNCING NEW AWARD FOR AFRICAN SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY & NEW BODY FOR AFRICAN SFF PROFESSIONALS   A new award for African Science Fiction and a … Continue reading African Speculative Fiction Society is launched

Guest Post: Alasdair Stuart

Hello my Freaky Darlings, Today we have a guest post by fellow Fox Spirit author, Alasdair Stuart. Alasdair is a freelance writer and journalist based in the UK. He writes genre fiction journalism for them, hosts podcasts for EA and blogs about making whoopee pies (Amongst other things) at He can be found on … Continue reading Guest Post: Alasdair Stuart