Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Patience is something that all writers need. It’s something that is constantly tested and frustrated. We need patience during the writing process, while we try and carve out a story on paper or our computer screen and perfect it. We need to be patient when submitting our stories to publishers and agents, who take six weeks to six months to get back to us. Then we need to be patient while the publisher edits and designs covers for us to put our stamp of approval on. Our patience is tested while we wait for reviews to come out and interviews to be done and then for an audience to rush out and buy our books or download them from Amazon or Fictionwise or A writers patience is constantly pushed and prodded. And then just when you think your patience is about to pay off the whole process starts all over again, either you’re working on a new book or the contract for your previous book is over and you need to find a new publisher to get it back in print.

How do you stay patient and stop patience from running out?


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