Do What Now with Cat Connor!

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Today I have a special treat for you. Cat Connor has written a guest post, so for a change you don’t have to read my thoughts on stuff.

Cat Connor is a New Zealand based Thriller writer who’s first two books, Killerbyte and Terrorbyte, are brilliant and available at all leading bookstores all over the world.

Without any further ado here’s Cat.

A few years ago (okay maybe more than a few, don’t be so picky) I began this journey I’m now on. It’s been a roller coaster of a journey so far but for the most part a helluva lot of fun. It’s taken me from the drawer under my desk to book shelves all over the world – or kindles or iPhone if you’re that way inclined.

Anyone who feels so disposed can read my books – they’re available worldwide. See? It is the coolest ever.

Many joyful moments go hand in hand with seeing your books available on Amazon. You’ve got manuscript acceptance, the fun of edits and working with an editor (mine is awesome), the excitement of seeing your cover for the first time, that ever joyful moment when you and your publisher decide on the release date… and then BAM. There it is. Suddenly you’re an author.

But wait there’s more.

How will anyone know about your book? The answer may seem obvious but so many people are surprised by it… Because you will work your ass off telling them. That’s right, you will. You’ll do interviews and guest blog posts until you can’t see straight. If you’re lucky (like me) your publisher will organize reviewers and the reviews will eventually arrive. You’ll discover Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Goodreads, Red Room and whatever other social network sites there are out there. Resistance is futile. There will be book club talks and newspaper articles and frustration. Oh boy, is there frustration.

You with me? Good.

Such a dream ride so far, right? So where could the frustration possibly be? The frustration comes as you are trying to figure out what actually sells books. Is it reviews, interviews, articles, the networking you are doing on every social network site known to man? Is it your nana telling her cronies to buy her granddaughter’s book despite the bad language she used? Well yes it is. That’s right, it’s not one thing that sells a book.

And something else to consider, you can’t hand sell each and every book. Nope you can’t. You can let people know about your books, and find your target audience (wee tip: a Facebook fan page helps you identify your target audience by showing you the age group and gender of your most frequent visitors) but you cannot make anyone buy it… well I guess a Glock to the temple would encourage at least one buyer before you got thrown in jail – and that would generate some publicity. But really, that road? I don’t think so.

It’s one of the most frustrating things of all – trying to get word out without annoying people too much. A fine line and quite the balancing act. One that can sink you into the depths of despair if you let it.

What have I learnt since becoming published? To have fun. Really, have fun. It sounds simple, but it isn’t. Having fun is what it’s all about. You can only do so much by yourself – believe in your ability to tell a kick ass story and reply to as many comments and tweets and emails as you can.

You can find out more about Cat on her blog and you should really rush out and get a copy of Killerbyte and Terrorbyte. Trust me! You NEED to read them.

Have a thrilling day!


2 thoughts on “Do What Now with Cat Connor!

  1. I know exactly what you’re saying, Cat. Frustrating, but fun, too. The Glock idea sounds good, though, but you’re probably right, it would only work once.

  2. But would it only work once EJ? Would the publicity generated carry sales as long as the trial went on and beyond?? hmmm …. all things to consider. 🙂

    And things that will make readers run for cover, lol… Rest assured dear readers we’re not about to go postal with firearms, we’re simply expressing our creativity. 😀


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