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Hello my Freaky Darlings,

As some of you may know, I’m knee deep in yet another round of edits for Requiem in E-Sharp which will hopefully be released in early 2011 or if I’m really good December 2010 (but that would be pushing it). The editing process can be hard and demoralising, depending on how you look at it and on how ego driven you are. My ego often gets in the way, in fact I can be a bitchy little girl.  Some writers love the editing process and find it rather easy. Other writers not so much.

I also think it depends on your relationship with your editor as well as your attitude towards excellence. The only thing that gets me through one round of editing after another is the knowledge that my editor, the amazing Jayne Southern, is only trying to get the best out of me and is trying to get me to write the best book that I’m capable of writing.  Which, to be honest, can be frustrating and exhausting. I sometimes end up feeling that I’m a talentless hack who should just give up on this business called writing and get a proper job, which would probably pay better. But then I read something that Jayne has spent the last few months trying to get me to fix and I can’t believe that I wrote it, then I compare it to what I’d originally written, and I have to say Jayne was right. The difference is amazing. And then I just want to give her a big hug and smother her with little kisses. It’s moments like that that make it all worth while.

How do you feel about the editing process and your editor? Is it a love/hate relationship? Do you adore your editor?

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  1. Having just gone gone through my final edits, with Jayne, not having seriously looked at the book for a couple of months, there were several places where I found myself thinking, ‘hey this is pretty good’.

    Yes it’s tough sometimes, and it forces you to confront your writing in way that you otherwise might not. But I’m convinced you end up with a better book at the end of it.


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