Vacancy 2

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Today’s movie is Vacancy 2: The First Cut (2008):

I haven’t seen the first Vacancy movie, which from all accounts was pretty good, and The First Cut is the prequel. But … Vacancy 2 was total crap. It was a complete waste of eye sight and to be honest I wouldn’t even have classified it as a horror.

But what I have found interesting with the horror movies I’ve been seeing of late, and Vacancy 2 is another example,  is the trend that it’s a woman left standing at the end. The men or boys are killed off in the most ridiculous ways and made to look like complete idiots and a girl is the one who survives or kicks the killers arse. Now, I’m all for kick ass chicks and feminism, but can we please be realistic and be fair on the men. What’s also interesting is that it’s men who are writing these movies and making their own sex look like a bunch of inept wimps. And I have to wonder why?

Have a creepy day!

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