Aren’t they lovely

Hello my Freaky Darlings.

A few days ago Santa came early! His bag of gifts was blue and had Royal Mail, Great Britain emblazoned across it in big, bold letters. Inside this wonderful bag was the most amazing thing … A box filled with copies of Shadows!

Now doesn’t the sight of them just make you want to rush out and get your own copy?

If you do want your own beautiful, yet scary copy of Shadows you can get it all over the world including these stores:

Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Exclusive Books in South Africa, and Pulp Books also in South Africa.

But if you’d rather get an ebook copy, I can help you there too …

Kindle, iTunes, and Mobipocket.

So, go on. You know you want to click on one of those links and order your copy of Shadows.

Anyway, have a fabulously creepy day!

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