Bad Reviews!

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

I was recently asked by Sharon over at The Dark Fiction Review blog to participate in a Q&A type discussion about receiving bad reviews. She asked several authors including Gary McMahon, Joseph D’Lacey, Bill Hussey, Jeremy C Shipp, and myself. I must admit, I was rather honoured to be included along side such great names in the horror industry.

She also got the other side of the reviewing table to wade in on the discussion. The reviewers participating included: Adele Harrison from Un:Bound, Johnny Mains, Liz De Jagger from My Favourite Books, and Dave Brendan.

It’s interesting to see how different authors feel about getting bad reviews and also how reviewers feel about giving them. Please pop in here to participate in the discussion. My little bit is close to the bottom of the post, but all the different points of view are well worth the read.

Looking forward to seeing what all of you think on the subject.

And speaking of reviews … The Dark Fiction Review did review Shadows way back when it was first released. You can read that review here.

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