Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Today’s movie is a classic – Alien (1979)

I was two years old when this was released! I hadn’t seen it in years and watching it again was quite an interesting experience. You don’ really get to see the Alien all that well, but it’s still one freaky Mother. I think it was only in the later Alien movies that you really get to see it in all it’s glory.

The scene where the baby Alien bursts out of the guys chest, for the first time, is iconic and never to be forgotten.

Have you seen it? Or rather, when was the last time you watched it? What did you think?

Have a creepy day!

One thought on “Alien

  1. I am quite a huge fan of the franchise and have seen all the Alien/Predator/A versus P even Prometheus movies, but none of them have that eerie cold scare factor the first one had on me… Sigourney Weaver became one of my favourite actressess and the first movie will always be my favourite space horror.

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