Wikipedia – The New Status Symbol

Hello my Freaky Darlings.

I love Wikipedia! It’s my go to place when I need to do research on most subjects. It’s my trusted friend who knows all and shares all. It’s also become a bit of a Status Symbol for newbie writers who are just starting out.

You can’t simply just add your information, it has to be vetted and approved by the Wikipedia gods, and it has to be added by a disinterested third party. In other words, a family member or your Publisher can’t simply add your info just for the sake of it.  Because of this exclusivity, Authors are now more determined to get themselves listed on the hallowed pages.

Some Authors have banded together to try and get each other on. While others still pester friends and family in an attempt to sneak past the watchful eyes of the guardians. Some have succeeded and others have failed.

I will admit that being on Wikipedia is also one of my many goals. But I’d rather wait for the day to arrive when I find out that, by some miracle, I’ve joined the list of Authors who are there by merit. I want to be listed because someone who doesn’t know me and has read my books, thinks I should be there. On that day I will know I’ve arrived! I will no longer be a newbie or wannabe Author.

But chances are, on that day I will also no longer care if I’m on Wikipedia or not, because, hopefully, by then I’ll have accomplished a lot more and I’ll be more than the sum total of what is contained on a Wikipedia page.

But that’s just me.

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