Writing Horror in SA

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

With the World Horror Convention coming up in March and the fact that I’ve been asked to be a panellist on one of the discussions, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about writing horror and publishing in South Africa. So, I did a little search on Google to see if I could find anything about the horror industry in South Africa and the sad truth was that I found very little on the subject. I found lots about the horrific crime, though. Which wasn’t very helpful. Depressing, but not helpful.

I did find that we have Something Wicked and Horror Fest in October, but that’s pretty much it. Well, that’s all I could find. Then I did a search for South African horror writers. I could find a few Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors and a few horror short story writers, all of which were on Something Wicked.

Now, since I’ve been asked by the folks over at the World Horror Convention to represent South African horror writers, I thought I should at least be able to name a few other Horror Authors from my neck of the woods, so if you’re a South African Horror writer and have a book that’s been published – please let me know who you are and that there are a few of us out there!

Do you know of any South African Horror Authors (other than yours truly)?

5 thoughts on “Writing Horror in SA

  1. Hi, Joan.

    I haven’t written a novel yet, but I do have 16 short stories published all over the world (So far). And I’ve worked with a few big names in the UK horror scene. I’m also a moderator at Mywriterscircle.com. Will probably start my first novel later this year.


  2. Hi. Just a casual visitor here. I wanted to know if you are aware of any horror writer in South Africa, or any part of Africa, who was a contemporary of Poe or even Lovecraft. Your reply would be much appreciated. Enjoyed your posts btw!


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