The Gates of Hell

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

The Gates of Hell smallMy good friend, Caroline Addenbrooke, has finally released her début novel ‘The Gates of Hell.’

From the court of King John of Spain and Isabella of Portugal to the legendary lost civilization of Afar on the west coast of Africa, a cast of characters as diverse and fascinating as the two countries, embark on a dazzling and fearsome journey.

Catalina, to reveal the truth of her ancestry, find her brother, and return the Caliph to Portugal; her husband, Rui, to break with the past and seek the gold of Afar; Mbemba, unlawful King of the Kongo, and friend to Rui, driven to murder his father and siblings to claim the throne to pursue his ambition to change the future of Africa; Dela Eden, gifted with the Sight, and a destiny determined by her calling and her grandmother, Ramla.

All are drawn into wars and terrors in pursuit of their dreams. All learn the power of retributive justice. All experience their individual Gates of Hell.

Caroline Addenbrooke writes in the tradition of ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘The Winds of War’ with this richly-textured and multi-faceted tale of misdirected ambition, greed, needless war and ultimate resolution.

Please check out this wonderful ebook and once you’ve read it you can come back here and thank me for pointing you in the direction of a wonderful author and an unforgettable story!

Hope you have an adventurous day!

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