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DiaryOfTheDeadAfis2 I finally watched Diary of the Dead yesterday. Hey, better late than never – right? I will also admit that until yesterday I’d never actually watched a Romero movie. In fact until recently I’d never even heard of him. I admit this with much humiliation. But in my own defence I live in Africa and no one else that I know watches horror movies. I’m a bit of the odd one out around here and everybody is always shocked when they find out I write horror. Yes, I realise that that is no excuse! I’m a horror writer after all and should be better informed about the goings on in my genre. I have therefore decided to do a more indepth study into horror novels and movies. So, if you have any suggestions about where I should start my education please let me know.

But I digress – back to Diary of the Dead.

When I first decided to watch it, I thought ‘Great! Zombies! Boring!’ I’m not a huge fan of Zombies. I find most Zombie movies to be rather ridiculous and they tend to go more towards the gross over the top blood and gore. That being said I did enjoy the Resident Evil movies, but that wasn’t because of the Zombies, it was inspite of them.

Strangely enough I quite enjoyed Diary of the Dead. I especially liked the ending and the question posed. Is the human race worth saving? I sometimes wonder about that when I watch the News or open a Newspaper and see what the latest horrendous things the human population is up to.

While I watched Diary of the Dead I also wondered why there never seem to be movies from a Zombies point of view. I mean, you have so many movies or books from a Vampires POV but never from a Zombies. The poor Zombie didn’t have a say in the matter of whether or not they’re undead. And plus who’s to say that there’s nothing going on in that brain? Hmmm….I sense a book idea in there somewhere…..

Anyway, have a horror filled day. I’m off to find another horror movie to sink my teeth into.

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  1. I Love zombies!!!!(but i would never marry one)this is my first time visiting your website pretty kool…i look forward to reading your book the name alone caught my attention.there are alot of zombie movies out there,just be sure to steer away from any 80’s era films(dark times for zombies they were)also there is a book…a classsic which title i cant remember that has a zombie twist to it i think it might be “love and prejudice and zombies” lol……im quite serious…well enjoy your halloween i know i will

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