Call Yourself a Writer Meme

Hello Shadow Folk!

Alan Baxter decided to tag me in this meme, you can read his answers here and you can read the original one here.

Which words do you use too much in your writing?

The naughty four letter kind and according to my lovely editor I had a tendency to over use then in the very first book I tried to write which we are now busy fixing and plan to bring out sometime around the end of the year. Hopefully there won’t be that many ‘then’s’ in it.

Which words do you consider overused in stuff you read?

The usual cliché’s – You know, the ones about how handsome the guy was or how beautiful the girl is. That kind of stuff.

What’s your favourite piece of writing by you?

Now that’s a tough one. How do you choose between your kids? But since I published Shadows first and have been getting such rave reviews for it, I think Shadows would have to be my favourite.

What blog post do you wish you’d written?

Another tough one. There are too many to mention. There are so many brilliant bloggers out there who are always surprising me with how intelligent and witty they are, always makes me feel rather inadequate.

Regrets, do you have a few? Is there anything you wish you hadn’t written?

Oh yes! When I was very young, I kept a diary. A very personal diary. I then stupidly took it to school one day, so that I could catch up on a few entries. I then very stupidly left it on my desk during break time. The boys in my class got hold of it and they all read it. I’d described my first kiss among other normal pre-teen-age girl things in it. Needless to say the rather humiliating experience put me off writing in my diary for a few years. Then a few years later I decided that I was older and wiser, so I started another diary only to discover it next to my mothers bed one day. I guess she needed some reading material. I never kept a diary again!

How has your writing made a difference? What do you consider your most important piece of writing?

Oi vey! I wish I could say that my writing is ground breaking and terribly important, but let face it, it’s not. My books are for entertainment purposes only, which I guess for some is pretty important, but it’s not going to save the world. Oh well, maybe one day I’ll write something incredibly important that will change the way the world thinks, but for now I’m perfectly happy just entertaining you.

Name three favourite words

I love you! It’s always great to hear that, whether it’s from your mother or a lover.

…And three words you’re not so keen on

Your writing sucks!

Do you have a writing mentor, role model or inspiration?

I find any piece of really good writing inspirational. I’m also incredibly lucky to have  a few very supportive and talented writers as close friends who inspire me daily. And hopefully they know who they are. Caroline and Laurence, in case you didn’t know, that means you.

What’s your writing ambition?

To be a best-selling Author – duh!

Plug alert! List any work you would like to tell your readers about:


You’ll find everything you need to know about Shadows here.

You can also check out the Rebel e Publishers website

Thank you!

Now apparently I’m supposed to tag a few writers, so here goes:

Cat Connor

Caroline Addenbrooke

Angel Leigh McCoy

Marcia Colette

Well that’s it for today. Hope you all have an incredibly freaky day!

5 thoughts on “Call Yourself a Writer Meme

  1. I’m not sensing the sorriness… LOL.
    I shall endeavor to do justice to this tomorrow – baking Chris a birthday cake tonight. 3 layers (am too tired to go for four!).


  2. OMG – that is the reason why I never kept a diary!!!

    (okay, apart from pure laziness, not having much to and it being more a girly thing… that is yet another reason why I never kept a diary 🙂 )

  3. Well, I wish I’d had your foresight and had never kept the damn thing. Was probably one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I still have the scars! You can’t see them but they’re there. Really they are. 🙂

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