Requiem in E Sharp – Synopsis

Hello Shadow Folk,

My new book ‘Requiem in E Sharp’ is due to be released later this year. I thought I should let you know what the book is about:

A haunted detective

A haunted serial killer

Sundays in Pretoria are dangerous for selected women.

A murderer, haunted and tormented by his childhood, has found a distinctive modus operandi to salve his pathological need to escape the domination of the person who was supposed to cherish him.

As The Bathroom Strangler’s frenzy escalates and the body count mounts, Nico van Staaden, the lead detective on the case, finds himself confronting his own demons as he struggles to solve the murders of the seemingly unconnected victims. The lack of evidence in the sequence of deaths and pressure from his superiors are challenges he must overcome.

The loss of someone precious leaves him bereft but brings help from an unexpected source whereby the killer is goaded and lured to Nico’s doorstep.

The confrontation is bloody, savage and merciless.

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