Requiem in E Sharp

Hello Shadow Folk,

After lots of backwards and forwards and nagging my friends and family for their opinion, my new thriller has officially got a title! It’s now called ‘Requiem in E Sharp’.

When I first started writing it I called it Sins Revisited because of a biblical quote at the beginning of the book, but Sins is used in so many titles and I wanted this book to have something unique. So Jayne Southern (my fabulous editor) and I put our heads together. I came up with Murder in E Sharp, but Jayne thought that Requiem would sound far better and I had to agree.

I also have to apologise to my Jack fans. This book is not a Jack or Shadow World book. This was actually the very first book I wrote, way back in 2002. It’s set in Pretoria, in and around the suburbs I grew up in. It’s about a South African cop on the trail of a serial killer with a mother fixation, who uses wire to garrotte his victims.

I’ll have the cover art shortly and the book should be out towards the end of the year.

Please pop in tomorrow for Alan Baxter’s visit and his fascinating post on Demons and where to find them!

I’ve now got to get stuck into the second round of edits!

Hope you have thrilling day!

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