Machete Gangs mutilate for Traditional Medicine

At least 300 people are killed every year in South Africa for muti. Muti is a traditional medicine made out of human and animal body parts as well as herbs and other natural products including urin and blood.

A nine year old boy,was recently attacked while taking a leek in the bushes. His attacker sliced off his penis and testicles to sell to a traditional healer here in Joburg. Body parts can fetch around R3500 or $347. A human head will fetch double that. The boy survived, but his family can’t afford the reconstructive surgery he needs. His attacker was caught with his genitals wrapped in a towel and shoved in his pocket.

Human genitals are the most prized and are used to attract wealth and increase fertility. They are cooked and ground down for use with herbs etc.

Children’s body parts are believed to be the most potent and victims are often tortured first as the pain is believed to add to the power.

With beliefs like this being wide spread thoughout South Africa, what chance have we got as a society? When the police officers tasked in catching these bastards are too afraid to fully invesigate and bring these murderers to task because of their own traditional beliefs, how can we hope for the future?

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  1. The news media report the acts, and sometimes the arrests of suspects, but they rarely bother to report the trials.

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