It’s My Birthday!

Today is my 32 Birthday, which makes me a Capricorn.  I have all the positive and negative traits that come with this particular Sun Sign.

Here are some of the things that make me a true blue Capricorn:

I play for keeps

My Motto is (apparently) Always Faithful

Work smarter, not harder

Time is always on my Side

I’m always right

Such class!

I grew up at 5

I have great time management skills

I care what others think

Like the energiser bunny – I keep going and going and going

I’m pactical and prudent

Ambitous and disciplined

Patient and careful

Humorous and yet reserved

I also hold a grudge

I share my birthday with some rather interesting company. Among the illustrius group are Michelle Obama, Jim Carrey, Muhammed Ali, James Earl Jones, Anton Chekov, Benjamin Franklin, and Al Capone.

Who do you share your birthday with?

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