Jacob Zuma – our next President?

This man could be our Next President

This man could be our Next President

With the elections coming up next year and Jacob Zuma’s corruption trial looming, I thought I’d give you a glimpse at the man who may be our next President.

Jacob Zuma is the current President of the ANC and the man that the ANC is supporting to be the next president of South Africa.

This is a man who was accused of raping a woman who was known to be HIV positive. A woman who was the daughter of an old family friend who was staying in his house at the time. He didn’t use a condom, instead he took a shower afterwards, because that would be good enough to prevent him from getting the disease.

This is a man who’s supporters wear T-shirts with “We will Kill for Zuma” emblazoned across them. His supporters, spear headed by the ANC youth league president Julius Malema, claim that they are prepared to die for Zuma and that they are prepared to take up arms and kill for him.

And now his corruption trial is about to start. I don’t know about you, but this has me a little worried for a country that has one of the highest crime rates in the world.

Would you vote for this man?

8 thoughts on “Jacob Zuma – our next President?

  1. The tennis shoes are an interesting fashion statement. I was listening to a radio report on this guy the other day and thought of you. Thanks for posting about it. It would have me worried too. He kinda reminds me of our outgoing president: George Bush. I have no trouble imagining George dressing in dead animals and dancing around his presidential bedroom when no one is looking. I, for one, am glad he’s out of here.

  2. No, from you describe, I certainly wouldn’t vote for that man if I was a citizen of South Africa, and I hope the citizens of the country see the light, too! I must say that I thought the athletic shoes certainly didn’t go with the native costume!

  3. Its true to believe that though cultural erosion has engulfed Africa, we still have pple like zuma who believe that African culture is supposed to be maintained, then A question comes, Who is a real pan-African. Of course i keep my word. Jacob Zuma.

  4. But is Jacob Zuma a good representation of African culture or is he an example of everything that is going wrong in Africa? What with 21 children that the tax payers have to pay for and all his wives and mistresses. Getting away with corruption. Thinking that just having a shower after sex (or raping) an AIDS victim will prevent the transmission of the disease. Is he really an example we want the rest of the world to judge our country by?

  5. I wouldn’t ask for a better president than my president Jacob Zuma,he is exactly what South Africa needs. ”VIVA JACOB ZUMA VIVA”

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