Going slightly Mad

Well….it’s official, I’m going slightly mad.
The cause of my insanity is that I spend way too much time on my own, locked in my office, in front of my computer, working on a Horror novel or some such twisted tale.
I have long conversations in the shower with my characters, granted these conversations generally end up in the book I’m working on. They’re also long and deeply meaningful chats.
The realisation that I was most probably a tad out of touch with reality came while I was doing some grocery shopping on my own. Normally my husbands tags along to make sure I don’t cause havoc a long the way, but lately he’s decided that the shop is only 2 minutes away, so therefore I shouldn’t be able to get into too much trouble.  Wrong!
Anyway….I noticed that I was getting some funny looks from the other shoppers. Mostly I got the odd smile or a little giggle followed by a small shake of the head. It took me a while to realise that those smiles and giggles were due to the fact that I was talking to myself.
Now I know all the sayings about the only truly intelligent conversation one can have is with oneself etc. But when you’re talking to yourself and you’re not even aware of it…well…that could be a problem. So I’ve decided that I’ve got to get out more. Being a hermit just isn’t cuttng it anymore. So my new years resolution is to get out into the world more. I’m thinking yoga could be a good way to get out and meet some people. Luckily there’s a yoga place just round the bend….

2 thoughts on “Going slightly Mad

  1. I read this, Joan, and recognized myself in it! If you’re going slightly mad, have no fear, you’re not alone. I think it’s a hazard of being a writer. I sometimes find myself in meetings at my day job, totally spaced out as I work through something in my novel — and I only realize they were talking to me when everything goes quiet and they all look at me.

    Hehe. I think obsession is part of the qualifications for being a writer.

    Are you, by any chance, involved with a writers group? 🙂

    Angel Leigh McCoy
    horror writer.

  2. Hi Angel. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I think being obsessive goes with the job. And yes, I belong to a writing group both on line and one that gets together once a month. Sometimes my writing groups are the only contact I have with the outside world.

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