Haunted Canals and October Frights

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!South Africa has been experiencing a wee bit of a heatwave this week. With temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celcius in some places. Thankfully where I am, it's only been 36. And it's still spring. Summer is going to be interesting.This week's video explores a haunted place in far cooler temps - the … Continue reading Haunted Canals and October Frights

Shadows Audiobook release

Hello my Freaky Darlings, The audiobook for Shadows will be released on the 29th of May by Audioshelf. Audioshelf is proud to present the launch of Joan De La Haye’s ‘Shadows’ in the audiobook format. Narrated by drama expert Terry Lloyd-Roberts, ‘Shadows’ is brought to life in a new chilling medium. South African Horror at … Continue reading Shadows Audiobook release