Embrace the Thrills: Serial Killer Intrigue, Haunted Church Lore, and Free Books Await

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

Greetings from a very sunny arse-end of Africa.

Temperatures are certainly heating up down here. Next week it’s supposed to hit 31 degrees, and it’s not officially spring yet. We’re going to boil this summer, but anyway …

The climbing temperatures pale in comparison to the chilling news of the week. It’s all about serial killers on parade. The Station Strangler who killed 22 young boys but was only convicted of one is out on parole after serving 28 years behind bars, and while he promises to be a good boy and the parole board says he’s under strict parole conditions, our cops are pretty useless and open to bribes, so I have to wonder how long it’ll take before he kills again? That thought is sure to give mothers in Cape Town nightmares.

And while not a serial killer, I think Gerhard Ackerman, who was convicted this week on more than 700 charges of sex trafficking and child rape, is far worse. Those children might still be breathing, but he ruined their lives and stole their innocence. But at least Gerhard Ackerman won’t ever breathe fresh air again, what with getting sentenced to 12 lifetimes behind bars. I’m sure the other inmates are eager to give him a ‘warm’ welcome, making his stay far more ‘interesting’ than he ever anticipated. Let’s hope it’s everything he deserves.

Anyway … moving right along swiftly.

My Shit

I’m sticking to the serial killer theme this week and sharing an extract from my serial killer thriller, Requiem in E Sharp.

The smell of rotting flesh drifted on the wind. The odour of death was unmistakable. Considering that the stench had reached him on the ground floor, he had to wonder how long the latest victim had gone undisturbed and why it took so long for anybody to report it. Yellow and black barrier tape marked the crime scene’s border, telling him that he had arrived at the right place. The smell was also at its strongest. The tape was strung along either side of the door to the flat, across the passageway. People stood in the small corridor on either side of the tape, pressing against each other, hoping to get a glimpse of the corpse. Most of them blocked their noses with their thumb and forefinger or tried to swat the smell away by waving their hands in front of their faces. Nothing they did would get that smell away. If they stood there long enough, they’d never get it out of their clothes. He knew from experience. And yet they stayed to gawk. It amazed him.

Nico stepped under the tape and into the gap between the two groups of people, all vying to see into the apartment. He looked around him while he tugged the tight rubber gloves over his large hands. Why couldn’t they make the gloves in different sizes?

A young female constable, trying not to gag from the smell, was interviewing a middle-aged man wearing faded blue shorts. A pair of green plastic slip-slops adorned the man’s dirt-encrusted feet. His beer gut hung over the edge of his shorts. An old woman with her grey hair still in pink plastic curlers stood weeping at the edge of the crowd.

Nico knew that the scene inside would not be pleasant. He hated this part of the job. He hated this case: the bloated dead bodies, and the smell of rotting flesh. There was nothing worse than a body that had been in water for a few days. It was a sight that would make the staunchest policeman lose his lunch. The thought made his stomach churn. He wanted this part over with, but he had to get through this to do what he loved: catching the killer!

First things first.

All those people hanging around the scene had to go. He liked having the scene to himself. He needed to absorb it, to feel it; having all these bystanders around just messed with his concentration.

“Could we please clear the scene?” he asked a bored-looking constable standing at the edge of the void. The constable’s attitude changed from bored to annoyed as he proceeded to ask people to go home.

Lazy bastard, Nico thought, this isn’t a fucking picnic.

“There’s nothing to see here, people. Go home. You’re blocking the way. Please, people, let us do our jobs and go home. Have some respect for the dead,” the constable said, showing very little respect towards the people around him.

Available now in gripping eBook and spine-tingling audiobook formats for only $4.99.

Freaky Shit

You may have noticed a slight change to the title of my YouTube video series. I’ve renamed the series from Weird Shit That Fascinates Me to The Freaky Files. To be honest, when I started the videos, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing or what I wanted to call it, so I pretty much went with a title that was perhaps a little too on the nose, and while I still don’t know what I’m doing, I think the new title for the series works quite nicely and gives a little nod to one of my favourite series while I was growing up – The X-Files. It also works nicely with what my videos are all about.

What do you think of the new name?

Shit to Read

I have a LOT of free books and some books on sale for you to sort through and fill up your ebook reader with this week. Don’t say I don’t do anything to help feed your book addiction. It’s the best kind of addiction to have.

Gratuitous Cat Pic

Serenity in Fur-form: Mogwai, the Mistress of Cat Naps 😺💤

Well … that’s it for now. Until next time …
Happy reading, and thank you for being a Freaky Darling!

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