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Greetings from the rather chilly arse-end of Africa.

South Africa actually got some good news for a change this week. Putin will not be descending on our country in August. So we narrowly avoided a bit of a shitstorm there. No need to worry about pissing off the International Crime Court, which issued the warrant of arrest for Putin or having Russia declare war on us if we did act on the warrant. Now we only have to worry about the usual stuff like rampant crime and corruption and not having electricity for most of the day or running water. Fun times!

But anyway … moving right along swiftly.

My Shit

I’m sharing a short extract from Requiem in E Sharp to whet your appetite.

He stared down at her body. Blood pooled around her head and his feet. It trickled into the grooves between the tiles, like red streams wending their way across the kitchen floor. He remembered the other two women who had taken her place. He’d killed them the same way and wished that each of them had been his mother; it was all her fault that these women were dead.

He remembered the first one he’d killed. It seemed so long ago now, but it had only been a couple of weeks. He’d watched her for months before he’d built up the courage to take action after that evil witch had gone after the only person he cared about. It had sent him over the edge. In a way, he’d hoped that someone would stop him – the cops, a random stranger walking past – but nobody did. They’d all been deaf, dumb and blind to his intentions. 

His senses had been heightened during the time he’d stalked his prey. Everything tasted better, and smells were so much more potent. Every sound was amplified as he followed her around Sunnyside.

 Her block of flats was only a block away from where he lived. She’d been too drunk to even notice when he walked up behind her in her own apartment. She’d left the door unlocked in her drunken state. But then it had become messy. She’d turned around at the wrong moment, which had been a surprise for both of them. Even in her drunken state, she’d managed to put up a fight. She’d made him work for it. The fight had been over so quickly. Too quickly. None of it had gone the way he’d envisaged. 

He’d wanted to savour every moment and had planned it all out in his head, only to be disappointed. He’d thought he would feel more, that he’d feel some guilt or remorse.

His lack of emotion was the only thing that had grieved him. 

Dive into the chilling world of “Requiem in E Sharp”. A gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat! 

Weird Shit

Today, I’m diving into the mystical world of Scottish urban legends to unravel the enigmatic Am Fear Liath Mòr or the ‘Big Grey Man.’

So … what do you think? Is the Big Grey Man real or simply a figment of overactive imaginations?

Shit to Read

I’ve got thrillers and spine-tingling horror novels for you to dive into this week.

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