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Greetings from a fucked South Africa, where newborn babies are put in cardboard boxes instead of incubators in underfunded and underequipped hospitals, and we still don’t have any answers from our Government or the American ambassador regarding the supposed arms we gave the Russians. The Rand is hitting an all-time low, and interest rates are rising, so it’s all fun and games at the arse end of Africa. But at least, for now, I still have electricity and running water, although the cholera death toll has now risen to 17 so that water needs to be boiled. How are things going on your side of the planet?

My Shit

Here’s a short Requiem in E Sharp snippet for your reading pleasure.

The smell of rotting flesh drifted on the wind. The odour of death was unmistakable. Considering that the stench had reached him on the ground floor, he had to wonder how long the latest victim had gone undisturbed and why it took so long for anybody to report it. Yellow and black barrier tape marked the crime scene’s border, telling him that he had arrived at the right place. The smell was also at its strongest. The tape was strung along either side of the door to the flat, across the passageway. People stood in the small corridor on either side of the tape, pressing against each other, hoping to get a glimpse of the corpse. Most of them blocked their noses with their thumb and forefinger or tried to swat the smell away by waving their hands in front of their faces. Nothing they did would get that smell away. If they stood there long enough, they’d never get it out of their clothes. He knew from experience. And yet they stayed to gawk. It amazed him.

Nico stepped under the tape and into the gap between the two groups of people, all vying to see into the apartment. He looked around him while he tugged the tight rubber gloves over his large hands. Why couldn’t they make the gloves in different sizes?

A young female constable, trying not to gag from the smell, was interviewing a middle-aged man wearing faded blue shorts. A pair of green plastic slip-slops adorned the man’s dirt-encrusted feet. His beer gut hung over the edge of his shorts. An old woman with her grey hair still in pink plastic curlers stood weeping at the edge of the crowd.

Nico knew that the scene inside would not be pleasant. He hated this part of the job. He hated this case: the bloated dead bodies, and the smell of rotting flesh. There was nothing worse than a body that had been in water for a few days. It was a sight that would make the staunchest policeman lose his lunch. The thought made his stomach churn. He wanted this part over with, but he had to get through this to do what he loved: catching the killer!

Weird Shit

This week I’m investigating the Flannan Isles mystery and the disappearance of the three lighthouse keepers.

What do you think happened? Were they swept away by the storm, or did William MacArthur kill them only to be swept away by a rogue wave? Or did aliens get them?

Shit to Read

In this week’s selection, I’ve got loads of freebies and audiobooks. Click those banners and book covers to explore strange and terrifying new worlds.

Gratuitous Cat Pic

Weekend Mogwai cuddles on the couch.

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