Banshees and Crime

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

How have you been? Read anything interesting this week?

Anyway … This week, I’m particularly fascinated by the female spirit from Irish folklore and a harbinger of death and doom – The Banshee.

So … do you think the Banshee is an ancestral spirit simply trying to warn her descendants, or is she an evil bitch having a laugh as she lures people to their doom?

There’s nothing quite like curling up with a thrilling read on a cold night with a glass of wine or whisky or even on a hot and steamy summer night, especially if it’s raining. Actually, it doesn’t really matter what the weather is; crime and thriller fiction is great under any weather conditions, and with that in mind, I bring you this collection of crime books, collated just for you.  

If you do decide to get any of the books, let me know what you thought.

Anyway, happy reading, and thank you for being a Freaky Darling!

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