Requiem in E Sharp Teaser

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

Here’s a short extract from Requiem in E Sharp.

He bent over, picked up her feet and dragged her through to her small closet-like bathroom. Her blood left a tell-tale trail behind him. The dark bathroom smelt of apples. A toilet flushed somewhere upstairs, and the sound of the water rushed down to him through the open ventilation window. He dumped her in the bathtub and arranged her body so that it was in the foetal position, with her arms curled around her legs, switching on the bathroom light so he could admire his handiwork. The light flickered above his head and then flashed on, giving the scene a bright, harsh light. The room reminded him of the bathroom she’d locked him in, where he had so often cried himself to sleep, wet and cold, curled up in the tub. Conflicting emotions stirred within him. He felt triumphant, almost godlike staring down at his creation, but there was a part of him that wanted to scream out in pain at what he’d done. He shut his mind to the guilt that was making him weak.  

He needed to urinate, so he stood over the bathtub, unzipped his pants and sprayed over her body. Relief flooded over him. The joy of pissing on a woman like her made him smile. When he was done he zipped himself up and left the bathroom.  

He walked to the kitchen, leaving bloody footprints in his wake, retrieved his rucksack from the top of the kitchen counter and carried it back to the bathroom. He opened the bag and removed his digital camera. He placed himself at the edge of the tub, held the camera in front of him to find the best composition for his subject matter and took the picture. The body looked grotesque and scrunched up on the small screen, just the way he liked it. He thrust the camera back into the rucksack, put the plug in the bath and turned on the cold water tap. He watched the tub fill up while he cleaned the blood off his face, making himself look presentable and turned the tap off once the water was close to overflowing. The water turned red, and the silence in the room made him feel serene. Her wet clothes ballooned around her body. Closing the shower curtain, he picked up his rucksack and left the bathroom.  

He smiled and started to whistle as he closed the front door behind him. 

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