The Veil – Part 30 and Covid-19

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

It’s day two of total lockdown in South Africa. Lockdowns and isolation are things that millions of people are experiencing all over the world as Covid-19 rages across the globe, changing our lives possibly forever. It is also going to change the way we entertain ourselves. We can no longer go out to a bar or restaurant or the movies. You can’t just pop down to the local bookstore to get the latest paperback, but you can download an ebook or read free content on an authors website. You can watch videos on YouTube or watch a series or movie you’ve been wanting to see but haven’t quite gotten round to it on Netflix or Showmax. You can also have a video chat with your friends while having a drink in the safety of your own home. And just think, you don’t have to worry about driving home after you’ve had that drink. You have options. The world of Covid-19, while it is depressing and apocalyptic, isn’t all doom and gloom. And just think how awesome it is for the environment.

So … as mentioned above you can still read free content on authors’ websites, which is why you’re probably here. Which brings me to the latest episode of The Veil. I know its been a long time coming and I’m really sorry about that, but shit happens. If you missed any of the previous episodes or don’t remember what happened, you can pop in here. Anyway … here’s episode 30. I hope you enjoy it.


A hard slap on her cheek prevented her from enjoying the magnificent, numbing darkness for any length of time. At least he’d stopped dousing her with ice-cold water.

“Wakey, wakey little one,” Jack said with a smile. “We’ve got lots to do today.”

Bile rose up from the pit of Carol’s stomach, and she spewed it all over Jack’s foot. Her reward was a slap on the other cheek.

“If you’re going to hurl, have the decency to keep it to yourself.” He stood up and walked around the room, tapping his finger against his lower lip. “Now, what are we going to do to keep Sarah and the good doctor entertained. Maybe some audience participation?”

Dr Brink looked about ready to make a run for it. Coward.

“This is your game, Jack,” was all Sarah had to say on the subject. The bitch probably wouldn’t have anything against a little torture. Carol would have taken full advantage if the roles were reversed.

“I guess audience participation can wait for a little bit. She’s not completely warmed up yet.” He stopped pacing in front of her, crossed his arms and looked at her with his head cocked to the left. “How do you feel about scorpions?”

The question surprised her. It shouldn’t have, but Jack had never asked her before how she felt about anything. He usually just went ahead with whatever he was going to do.

It started off with just one, big and black, with small pincers and a mean-looking tail. It tickled as it walked up her leg. Her heartbeat a steady thump-thump in her chest. If she kept still and didn’t freak out, it might not sting her. She could handle it.

Her wrist no longer hurt as much; in fact, it felt like her hand hadn’t been sawn off. Trying not to move too much or upset the scorpion, Carol took a tentative peek at her wrist. Her hand was back. There was no pool of blood, no scarring. It looked as though it never happened. She released a loud whoop and giggled happily to herself.

“Happy, are we?” Jack said with a grin, showing off his sharp yellow teeth.

Her heart sank. She’d made a colossal mistake, and Jack was going to take full advantage. She’d allowed herself to feel relieved. She’d allowed herself to feel hope.

Hundreds of scorpions came out of the floor. All vying for a spot on her body. They climbed all over her and over each other, fighting for dominance. Every time one of them stung her, it felt as though her body was on fire. Each sting held the promise of a death that wouldn’t come, no matter how much she begged for it.


So … what did you think? Are you enjoying The Veil? Should I keep posting these episodes?

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